Types of lifts or Observation Elevator to ensure

  • Fri 3rd Feb 2017 - 8:08am
    When we think of lifts, we tend to think of the more grandiose China Elevator that adorn posh hotels and shopping malls. These are a convenience, after all, who wants to walk up 10 flights of stairs to your hotel room? Although sometimes many of us will not mind walking up a few steps or a single flight of stairs, what if your situation meant you physically couldn't climb a few steps?
    Many people overlook, or are not even aware that the kinds of lifts they see in shopping centers can be added to their own homes to improve mobility. While you probably don't have the room for a nice glass elevator, there are alternatives available, as domestic lifts are designed specifically for your home. And there are many areas where a small domestic lift will come in handy and would greatly increase the quality of life of an elderly or disabled person.
    To handle the traffic in the six-floor building, you only need one additional elevator—but you have to add three more pairs of Fuji passenger elevator so that passengers can enter and exit on each floor. In this scenario, the elevator bank might use 130,000 kWh annually, while the Fuji passenger elevator use 187,000 kWh.
    Think about the size lift you require. A smaller lift is great for someone currently using a walker, but it may not be suitable if that person later requires a wheelchair. To accommodate for future needs, we typically recommend installing a lift that will accommodate a wheelchair and a carer riding with them. The minimum recommended size that will carry a passenger in a wheelchair and another person is 1100mm x 1400mm.
    Here at Fuji Lift we can service a range of different types of lifts or Observation Elevator to ensure that they are running at the safest levels achievable. With a record of the highest achievement in elevator safety testing, we can supply the information and services to ensure the elevator complies with all safety regulations to operate within the law.
  • Tue 9th Oct 2018 - 1:17pm
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