Over the weekend

  • Tue 10th Jul 2018 - 2:56am
    Over the weekend, we got stuck into buy tera gold the open beta for Tera, an upcoming action MMO role-playing game from Bluehole. Although our experience was on and off due to buy tera gold the stress test nature of the beta, we did manage to buy tera gold get a decent feel for the title. Long story short, we think it's shaping up quite well on PlayStation 4. As with any MMO that's making the jump from PC, Tera's undergone a lot of tweaking in order to buy tera gold make it fully playable on console. Fortunately, the tweaking appears to buy tera gold have been effective. Two action bars line the bottom of the screen, and you simply flick between them by holding down a shoulder button. The control scheme clicked with us right away, which is always a good sign. There's still a lot of screen clutter to buy tera gold wade through, though. There's text everywhere and at first it feels like you're being buried alive by information, but it's obviously something that regular players will get used to. Our only real complaint as far as presentation goes is that all of the menus look rather basic and bland. So how does Tera play? The MMO bills itself as a true action game, and for the most part, it appears to buy tera gold live up to buy tera gold that promise. There's no waiting around for turns or cooldowns here -- you're free to buy tera gold attack, dodge, and pull off special moves whenever you want. The system's reasonably fluid, and with a bunch of different player classes to buy tera gold choose from, there's a good amount of variation on offer. Just to buy tera gold be clear, this isn't Devil May Cry, but as far as MMOs go, it's quite an impressive hack and slasher. Think The Elder Scrolls Online, only a lot more over-the-top, and you're on the right track. The bottom line is that it's pretty fun, and we enjoyed letting loose with various powerful attacks once we'd unlocked them through levelling up. However, everything outside of combat seems somewhat standard -- the kind of quality that you'd perhaps expect from a free-to-play MMO. Early quests are throwaway affairs, and the dialogue is instantly forgettable. While we get that many people simply dive into buy tera gold games like Tera because they enjoy the grind, it'd still be nice if things felt more involved. On that note, at least character creation is cool. The system isn't hugely in-depth, but with a range of fantastically designed races to buy tera gold choose from, it's easy to buy tera gold make a hero who looks the part. Couple them with sweet looking weapons and armour, and you've got an MMO that has a solid sense of in-game style. All in all, we're eager to buy tera gold give Tera another shot once the finished release hits the PlayStation Store. The action-based approach certainly gives it an identity, and there's potentially a lot of room for customisation. The PS4's already home to buy tera gold quite a few free-to-play MMOs, but there's a certain edge to buy tera gold Tera that may place it near the top of the pile. More news about TERA will be announced soon, keep your eyes here to buy tera gold get know the last info of TERA at first time, also cheap buy tera gold will be offered at AOAUE.COM, stay tuned!
  • Fri 13th Jul 2018 - 5:24pm
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