Happened In the Year Of 1902

  • Mon 17th Sep 2018 - 8:30am
    Charles Anderson, a Swede, is the man spoken off Mendocino by the bark E. K. Wood, whose master reported that he feared the mariner would be drowned in the gales which followed. He left Sitka on the last day of the old year and intended to Come down the inside passage, but was blown to sea by an easterly wind, and with heavy southeasters raging continually he tried in vain to beat in shoreward. The winds carried him through mountainous seas with no companion but his black dog until he was driven below the latitude of San Francisco, where he experienced a westerly wind which carried him northward. He was spoken on February 11 off Cape Mendocino by the bark E. K, Wood, and next day a hurricane raged iv which he was nearly lost. His three-ton sloop was turned on her beam end and her ballast was shifted, but the vessel was ultimately righted, and although buffeted by the heavy seas the craft weathered the storm.
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